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Tristar Signa Cuts Football

January 10th, 2008 by Alex

Typically, I try to stay away from some of the smaller card companies, but Tristar Signa Cuts caught my attention because supposedly you get a cut auto in each pack, of a Hall of Famer, Award Winner or Fan Favorite. The checklist actually looks pretty decent, with the big hit being a Jim Thorpe cut auto along with Vince Lombardi, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson and more.

After doing a little research however, I have to say STAY AWAY from this product.

It costs about $100 for a 4 pack box, each pack having a single “cut” auto in it. Sounds like a good deal right? Well here are the problems:

The Checklist is loaded with “commons”
There are tons of special teamers, defensive players, linemen, and kickers in this product, none of which seem to sell very well. Unfortunately in football, HOFer doesn’t translate into card value. I’ve seen HOF cut autos from this product sell for as little as $4 on eBay.

The Cards are Ugly
The cards do feature a large windows for the “cuts”, but most of them appear to be just a signature on a white piece of paper. There are some cuts that are taken from photographs but thats about as interesting as it gets. The cards have no pictures or team logos (probably because this is an unlicensed product). Take a look:

Vince Lombardi Tristar Signa Cuts

Apparently there are sticker autos in this product… I guess technically you can stick a sticker on a piece of paper and then cut it out but COME ON!

Poor Packaging
Packs are really more like cardboard envelopes so the card inside can rattle around with no protection. Not a good job by Tristar on the packaging.

Again I say skip it. I did see an Adrian Peterson #’d out of 10 on eBay but there are lots more no names selling for $5-$10.

For More Info check the Tristar Signa Cuts Checklists.

And here are some Box Breaks: 1, 2, 3

Hopefully, this satisfies your curiosity, because I do not recommend going out and buying this product.

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One Response to “Tristar Signa Cuts Football”

  1. RG Says:

    I think they are bogus, and resale is supposed to be tough with no nfl,mlb logo on them. thats why I cant sell an 84 jordan as it has not nba logo on it

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