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Alex Rodriguez SP RC

February 16th, 2008 by Alex

From time to time I’m going to post some of the cards from my personal collection so you guys can see what I’m into. I’m a big Yankees fan, so we’ll start it off with my favorite player, Alex Rodriguez, Mr. April himself.


1994 SP - His best “true” rookie card and condition sensitive. 1,027 graded BGS 9 out of 9,971 submissions.

I have another raw version of this card and it actually looks like its in better condition than the BGS 9. When I get enough cards together I’m going to send it in to be graded.

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6 Responses to “Alex Rodriguez SP RC”

  1. Jim Says:

    Is the 1994 SP die cut considered a “true rookie” card?

  2. John Says:

    Wondering the same thing:”True Rookie” anyway did get this back then or did you bought it?

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