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Hillary MADNESS!

February 9th, 2008 by Alex

With the 2008 presidential election just around the corner, political cards are a huge theme in the early 2008 releases by Upper Deck and Topps. Topps has included presidential candidate cards in their 2008 Base Set, along with that Rudy Giuliani silliness. Upper Deck followed suit with their Presidential Predictors set in their 2008 Upper Deck Series I. These cards feature caricatures of the candidates done in the style of the Michael Buysner card.

However the Hillary Clinton Presidential Predictor card was kept out of packs because it was deemed to be offensive. Of course, a few of these cards have made it into packs, whether intentionally or accidentally, and they have set off bidding MADNESS on eBay. Click the pic to see the auction for the first of these Clinton cards to hit eBay and prepare to be floored.

Hillary Clinton Presidential Predictor

Why would anyone pay so much for such an UGLY card??!?! And what genius at Upper Deck thought that this card design would fly in the first place…. Unfortunately for the poor guy with the highest bid on the first Clinton, a few more have popped up on eBay, so who knows how scarce these really are.

If you are dying to get your Hillary fix, I recommend saving your dinero and bidding on this Clinton card by Topps instead:

2008 Topps Hillary Clinton Cut Auto

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2 Responses to “Hillary MADNESS!”

  1. Alan Says:

    So much for the crystal ball. Looks like that first seller screwed himself out of quite a bit of $$$

  2. Says:

    Pretty weak deal, Dan. 20% off at Nordstrom, except you have to prepay and the rebate is with an Amazon credit?

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