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2007 National Treasures Cut Autos

February 2nd, 2008 by Alex

I found this video by Donruss TV showing some of the Cut Autos from 2007 National Treasures Football. These are the big money cards from a super high-end product. Some of the subjects include Football Hall of Famers, Boxing Legends, former Presidents, and entertainers. Most of the lower numbered cards should sell for over $1,000 a pop.

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Here’s a list of the cards in the order that they were shown:

I’ll add links to auctions of any card that pops up on eBay if you are interested in buying or just want to check out how high the prices go.

  • Johnny Unitas - Hall of Fame QB
  • Walter Payton - Hall of Fame RB
  • Doak Walker - Hall of Fame RB
  • Bob Waterfield - Hall of Fame QB
  • Ernie Stautner - Hall of Fame Tackle
  • Tom Landry - Hall of Fame Coach
  • Paul Brown - Hall of Fame Coach
  • Hank Stram - Hall of Fame Coach
  • Tony Canadeo - Hall of Fame RB (Part of the All Decades set)
  • Tom Landry - Part of the Timeline set
  • Walter Payton - Part of the Timeline set
  • Bob Waterfield - Part of the Timeline set
  • Ken Strong - Hall of Fame RB (Part of the Timeline set)
  • Sammy Baugh - Hall of Fame QB (Part of the Timeline set)
  • Alexander Cartwright - Inventor of modern Baseball
  • Benjamin Harrison - 23rd President of the United States
  • Richard Nixon - 37th President of the United States
  • Gerald Ford - 38th President of the United States
  • Rose F. Kennedy - Mother of JFK and RFK
  • John Glenn - Astronaut and Senator
  • Adolph Coors Jr. - Coors brewing magnate
  • August A. Busch - Anheuser-Busch brewing magnate
  • A.C. Goodyear - American Industrialist
  • Redd Foxx - Comedian (Sanford and Son)
  • Gracie Allen - Comedienne, Partner of George Burns
  • Walter Cronkite - News Anchor
  • David Brinkley - News Anchor
  • Howard K. Smith - Journalist and anchorman
  • Hank Ketcham - Cartoonist (Dennis the Menace)
  • Dick Moores - Cartoonist (Gasoline Alley)
  • Rocky Marciano - Heavyweight Champion Boxer
  • Max Baer - Heavyweight Champion Boxer (Villain in Cinderella Man)
  • Jack Dempsey - Heavyweight Champion Boxer
  • Kermit Roosevelt - Explorer, son of Teddy Roosevelt
  • Gus Grissom - Astronaut, died in Apollo 1 fire
  • Jamie Wyeth - American artist, painter
  • John D. Ehrlichman - Lawyer, convicted in Watergate Scandal
  • James Doolittle - Pilot, received Medal of Honor for bombing Japan after Pearl Harbor
  • Ira Gershwin - Song writer, brother of George Gershwin
  • Catherine Nimitz Lay - Daughter of Admiral Chester Nimitz
  • Rosa Parks - Civil rights pioneer
  • Jimmy Hoffa - Labor leader, President of the Teamsters

Some nice cards, and some weird choices (Did Catherine Nimitz Lay do anything besides being the daughter of an Admiral?). I love the Hank Ketcham with the Dennis the Menace sketch. If it turns up on eBay at a reasonable price, I might take a shot at it.

On the other hand, the Walter Payton looks hideous. I’m not a big fan of Cut Autos from photographs, and in the case of the Walter Payton you can barely see his signature. Unfortunately, it looks like most of the Payton cuts are like this.

I’ll keep updating the links as more of these cards are pulled.

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