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Exquisite Box Breaks!

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

2007 Exquisite Football is hot off the presses. In case you didn’t know, Exquisite Football is like the Rolls Royce of football products. Since I can’t afford to buy a box myself, I figured the least I could do is compile a list of the breaks on youtube so you can see what it’s all about. If you see a card you like, check the eBay links. They might be up for sale right now.

chri5784 - 1, 2
chri5784’s eBay Auctions

meng5 - 1

speedlegg - 1
speedlegg’s eBay Auctions

swjedi2000 - 1, 2, 3
swjedi2000’s eBay Auctions

rookiesandpros - 1, 2

maggettefan - 1, 2, 3, 4
maggettefan’s eBay Auctions

Mainlyrookies - 1, 2
Mainlyrookies’ eBay Auctions

bigvick1077 - 1, 2
bigvick1077’s eBay Auctions

marcelbilak - 1, 2
marcelbilak’s eBay Auctions

Updated 3/18/08:

WhacksPacks - 1


jandjsportscard - 1, 2

Tristar Signa Cuts Football

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Typically, I try to stay away from some of the smaller card companies, but Tristar Signa Cuts caught my attention because supposedly you get a cut auto in each pack, of a Hall of Famer, Award Winner or Fan Favorite. The checklist actually looks pretty decent, with the big hit being a Jim Thorpe cut auto along with Vince Lombardi, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson and more.

After doing a little research however, I have to say STAY AWAY from this product.

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2007 Topps Sterling Checklist and Review

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Topps Sterling is back for its second year. Its similar to last year’s product in setup, but the checklist has been changed to include more of today’s active stars, along with HOFers.

Suggested Retail: $230
(You might find one for under $200 on eBay.)

If you are unfamiliar with how Topps Sterling is setup:

Case Details

  • 10 boxes per case
  • 1 Letter Patch card numbered to 1 (in a mystery pack)
  • 1 Relic/Auto/Parallel card numbered to 1
  • 1 Mickey Mantle Box
  • 1 Barry Bonds Box

Box Details

  • 5 cards per box (4 player cards + a single card mystery pack)
  • 1 Relic/Autograph numbered to 10 or less
  • 3 base cards numbered to 250
  • Mystery pack has 1 parallel base card numbered to 50 or less or a GU full letter patch numbered to 1.

2007 Topps Sterling Box

The boxes look like this and have a label with a player name on it. All four cards inside will be of that player. The mystery pack can have a card of any player.

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2007 Upper Deck Black Baseball Review

Friday, December 21st, 2007

2007 UD Black Baseball

Here’s the skinny on the just released 2007 Upper Deck Black Baseball:

Suggested Retail Price: $250 (I got mine for $210 as a pre-sell, including shipping. Seems like you can get much better prices now after the release)

2 packs per box

1 card per pack

Yep thats right… $125 per card!! The upside is that every card in the set is autographed and numbered to 99 or less, so you are guaranteed 2 low numbered autos per box. The down side is the checklist is pretty weak. This is definitely hit-or-miss with probably more misses than hits.

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