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The Barry Halper Collection of Baseball Memorabilia

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Here’s something I got for Christmas this year.

The Barry Halper Collection of Baseball Memorabilia

This is a catalog from a Sotheby’s auction held in 1999. Amazingly, all the items up for sale were owned by a single collector, Barry Halper, who acquired much of his collection directly from the athletes or their families. How else would someone get Ty Cobb’s dentures? (they sold for $7,475) This three-volume set has over 2,000 pictures, descriptions of the items, and estimated auction prices. There’s some really amazing stuff in here and I’ve only begun to go through it.

Cover to “The Early Years” volume
500 Home Run Club Cards
Lou Gehrig Ring
T206 Proof Strip
Ted Williams Triple Crown
First Hall of Fame Class

This set makes a great gift for baseball fans, but finding it can be a little tricky. For those interested in grabbing a copy: Find it on eBay!